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Evidence Matters on UK political parties manifestos for the EU elections

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Evidence Matters is pleased to see that science bloggers Frank Swain and Martin Robbins, of Sciencepunk and Layscience respectively, have an article on The Guardian website analysing the science policies of the various UK political parties standing in the forthcoming EU elections on 6th June.
Frank and Martin have blogged and analysed the parties responses to questions in the following areas on their own sites:
Evidence Matters would also like to draw your attention to the blogger ‘gimpy’, whose correspondence with the Green Party about some of their policies leads him to believe that it has the potential to destroy biological research and to ‘holfordwatch’ who have grave concerns with the Green Party’s policy on alternative medicine.
Evidence Matters is in full agreement with Frank and Martin in concluding:
[…] we were pleasantly surprised by the main parties, who seem to have reached a consensus on a variety of scientific issues. One notable exception to this was in the area of alternative medicine, where there appears to be a crippling lack of action on government and opposition benches.
The minor parties are a much more mixed bunch, and one wonders if voters seeking to register protest votes with the likes of UKIP and the Greens realise that they are supporting parties that apparently contain creationists and climate denialists (UKIP), and supporters of quackery (The Greens).
Martin Robbins can be contacted at
Evidence Matters can be contacted at

Evidence Matters is an independent, loose association of bloggers with a special interest in accurate science coverage and the use of appropriate evidence in decision-making. At present it is a means of contacting organisations and letting people know about stories that aren’t being covered or gross distortions of particular issues.


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